Commercial Laundry Equipment and Machines

April 12, 2019 - 2:31 pm

How do you choose!?

When it comes to choosing the right commercial laundry equipment and machines, it can be a little overwhelming. There are many options these days for washers, dryers, ironers, folders, laundry carts, and the list goes on and on. There are even differences between the manufacturers of industrial laundry equipment, including price points, lifespan durability, energy consumption, water usage, size, weight, chemical injection capabilities, and on and on.

The point here is not to confuse you even more, but to make a point about how to go about your search for the right information to help with your on premise laundry equipment, machinery, system and ultimately a complete program. Program is the key word, because ideally all your equipment is carefully considered, including how it works together in order to be optimized and efficiently planned for your unique facility, needs, applications and space.

There are so many manufacturers of laundry machines, such as Milnor, Wascomat, Dexter, ADC, Alliance, etc. Also, there are so many models and differences even within each manufacturer’s line of machines (on premise, coin operated, energy efficient). With so many options, it’s best to go directly to one unbiased source that can make sense of the huge variety of options and make recommendations for you and your specific needs. This way you can discuss your points of interest (price, size, capacity, reporting capabilities, energy usage, etc.) and what machines or combinations of machines would best suit you and your operation.

Help is Here!

Sani Wash is a distributor of all major commercial laundry machinery and equipment brands, including washing machines (front loading, top loading, large commercial), dryers (low and high capacity, gas and electric), ironers, folders, etc. Sani Wash understands the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of equipment and will guide you through the decision making process from start to finish. This insures that you end up with the correct setup that will meet your needs and work well for years to come as you expand and/or evolve.

To schedule a complimentary assessment and talk with a dedicated laundry machines and equipment specialist, please contact us.  The search for the right equipment and competitive pricing does not have to be difficult, and you don’t have to do it alone! Save yourself time and money.

Thanks for reading, I hope it adds some insight. Please share and like online and let us know if you have comments, questions or other stories to share.

To receive a complimentary assessment to see where you stand, please inquire here.

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