Spotless Service: Correcting the Top 10 Common Mistakes Restaurants Make with Commercial Dishwashers

December 7, 2023 - 12:20 pm

In the bustling environment of a restaurant kitchen, commercial dishwashers are unsung heroes, ensuring that plates, utensils, and kitchenware are flawlessly clean for the next dining experience. However, several common mistakes in handling these critical appliances can impact efficiency, hygiene, and overall restaurant operations. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 mistakes restaurants often make with their commercial dishwashers and underscore why it’s crucial to correct these errors for a seamless and hygienic kitchen workflow. Remember, you can always contact us here at Sani Wash for your free professional assessment, consultation and recommendations.

1. Improper Loading:

  • Mistake: Haphazardly loading dishes without considering the dishwasher’s design.
  • Importance of Correction: Proper loading ensures optimal water flow and detergent distribution, leading to cleaner dishes and efficient use of resources.

2. Inadequate Pre-Rinsing:

  • Mistake: Neglecting to pre-rinse dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.
  • Importance of Correction: Pre-rinsing removes excess food debris, preventing clogs, and promoting efficient washing.

3. Incorrect Water Temperature:

  • Mistake: Failing to maintain the correct water temperature in the dishwasher.
  • Importance of Correction: Inadequate water temperature compromises the effectiveness of detergents and sanitization, leading to subpar cleaning results.

4. Overusing Detergent:

  • Mistake: Using excessive amounts of detergent in the dishwasher.
  • Importance of Correction: Overuse of detergent can lead to residue buildup, impact cleaning efficiency, and increase operational costs.

5. Infrequent Cleaning of Filters:

  • Mistake: Neglecting to clean dishwasher filters regularly.
  • Importance of Correction: Dirty filters hinder water circulation, reducing cleaning effectiveness and potentially causing damage to the dishwasher.

6. Skipping Regular Maintenance:

  • Mistake: Ignoring routine maintenance tasks for the dishwasher.
  • Importance of Correction: Regular maintenance prevents breakdowns, extends the lifespan of the appliance, and ensures consistent performance. Sani Wash offers complimentary dishwasher maintenance programs, call us today for more info!

7. Ignoring Manufacturer Guidelines:

  • Mistake: Disregarding the manufacturer’s guidelines for the dishwasher.
  • Importance of Correction: Following manufacturer recommendations ensures optimal performance, maintains warranty validity, and prevents avoidable issues.

8. Using the Wrong Detergent:

  • Mistake: Choosing an inappropriate detergent for the dishwasher.
  • Importance of Correction: The wrong detergent can lead to poor cleaning results, residue buildup, and potential damage to the dishwasher. Call Sani Wash for a free quote on commercial dishwashing detergents, sanitizers, rinse aids, pot and pan detergent and all other dishwashing and kitchen cleaning products and chemicals.

9. Underloading the Dishwasher:

  • Mistake: Running the dishwasher with an insufficient load.
  • Importance of Correction: Underloading wastes water, energy, and detergent, making the dishwasher less cost-effective.

10. Neglecting Employee Training:

  • Mistake: Failing to train staff on proper dishwasher usage and maintenance.
  • Importance of Correction: Proper training ensures that staff understands the dishwasher’s capabilities, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and optimizing efficiency.

In conclusion, Commercial dishwashers are integral to the smooth operation of a restaurant kitchen, and correcting common mistakes associated with their usage is paramount. By addressing these top 10 errors, restaurants can enhance the performance, efficiency, and longevity of their dishwashers. A well-maintained dishwasher not only ensures impeccable cleanliness but also contributes to overall kitchen hygiene and customer satisfaction. With the right corrections and a commitment to best practices, restaurants can guarantee that their dishwashers operate at peak performance, supporting the delivery of exceptional dining experiences. Call us today and get your free quote for dishwashing products, machines and/or repair services.

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