What Services Sani Wash Offers

Sani Wash specializes in premium automatic chemical systems, products, service and cost reduction solutions for commercial laundries, kitchens, buildings and facilities. Our professional laundry, kitchen and cleaning product solutions and programs are second to none. We keep our clients clean, safe and efficient so they can continue to deliver a stellar customer experience to theirs.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Sani Wash

“They’re there when you need them. That’s what’s important to me. I need reliability, I need someone to pick up the phone when I call and be here when they say they will. They do that for me.” -Anthony D, Hotel GM, locations in NY and CT

Sani Wash helped me to reduce staining, improve wash results and lower my replacement costs dramatically.
Sani Wash makes some really effective cleaning products. We use them everywhere–floors, kitchen, lobby. Really great stuff.
The laundry has never come out better and our customers have never been happier. We’re very happy with their products and level of service.

Receive a Complimentary Assessment

Our clients average a savings of 22% when they switch to Sani Wash. We can help you maximize your bottom line while improving customer experience. Request a complimentary assessment to see where you stand.